01. Basics: Win the game by eliminating all of your opponentsí cups. Cups are eliminated by shooting a pong ball into the cup.

02. Setup: Place 6 cups in a triangle formation. Cups should be centered on the table and lined against the line furthest back on the table. Fill with water to the first line at the bottom of the cup. 2 ping-pong balls shot per team; one per teammate.

03. First shooter: Determined by coin toss.

04. Bouncing: A pong ball can be bounced or thrown into the defending teamís cup. If the ball is bounced off the table and goes into the defendersí cup, that cup along with another cup will be taken out. The defenders must remove 2 cups in total, one of which they can choose. If the pong ball bounces off people or objects (i.e. chest, walls, cups not in play) and goes into the defendersí cup, 2 cups must be removed, one of which is the defendersí choice.

05. Defending: Once the pong ball bounces off any object besides the cup the defending team may swat or block the ping-pong ball from going into the cup. If a ping-pong ball is swatted or blocked without prior bouncing the defending team is penalized and required to pull a cup. If a cup is knocked over or spilled at any time it is an eliminated cup. No blowing or fingering is allowed.

06. Distractions: Defenders are prohibited from crossing the back line while the opposing team is shooting. Defenders may not block the view of the cups, lean on the table, or tap the table while their opposition is at turn.

07. Leaning: Elbow is allowed as long as it does not pass the first cup.

08. Successful shots: When the first ball is made pull the cup immediately. If the cup is not pulled and the second shot is made into the same cup another cup (defendersí choice) is eliminated.

09. A player is not allowed to play in more than one team.

10. When a team is called to play, they have 5 minutes to get to the table or it's an automatic loss. (Thanks Steven Abbink)

11. If your partner leaves, your team automatically forfeits.

12. Rollbacks: If the shooting team makes both balls in 2 separate cups, both cups are taken out and the team receives the balls back and another opportunity to shoot.

13. 3 cup rule: If the ball lands on top of 3 cups all 3 cups are removed.

14. Re-racks: One re-rack per team, per game. You may only re-rack before the first ball is shot unless on redemption. If the shooting team has not used their re-rack they may re-rack at any time during redemption.

15. Courtesy: Any cup that has slid, shifted, or tilted from formation can be fixed at request of the shooting team at any time.

16. Last Cup: When down to one cup and the shooting team makes one ball the defending team receives rebuttal shots. In a situation where there are 2 cups left on the table and the shooting team makes both shots eliminating all cups NO REDEMPTION is offered and the game is over. If the shooting team makes both shots into the single cup the game is over. There is no bouncing on the last cup.

17. Redemption: Shots are offered when the opposing team makes only one ball in the last cup. The defending team is allowed as many shots as there are cups on the table. All cups must be cleared, including the single cup, to make the game a push. If the game is pushed the opposing team will shoot at the single cup again and the game will continue.

18. Game over: Both players make both shots in the last cup in regular play or on redemption. Last two cups are eliminated in the same turn. Opposing team failed on redemption.

19.Venue: Any team member asked to leave the venue will cause the team to forfeit all games for the day. NO REFUNDS.

20. Fighting: Any fights or physical confrontations will result in forfeit of the game and ejection from the tournament as well as future events. NO REFUNDS!!